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How do you think 3DS can hack or not?

I think it difficult now.

What and when do you think allows us to enjoy homebrew?Matyapiro

  • We've only recently started documenting the 3DS.
  • It's easier for those with debugging hardware to contribute findings but that will change eventually.

Hi Jl12, Can you tell us where did you get the decrypted extended header or how, or atleast give a copy of it...thanks. If you could send me it would be great.

(eli (dot) sherer (at) gmail (dot) com) --Elisherer 10:42, 8 September 2011 (CEST)

Has he answered already? (I'm interested in that too)--Lazymarek9614 18:03, 14 September 2011 (CEST)

Hi Jl12, 3DS guy here with answers to your questions. No its not a kiosk unit its a test unit. Kiosk units are retail units with auto-booting demo games

  • Q:Do you have a retail 3DS unit? I'm curious if your test unit will communicate with a retail 3DS unit. ( downloadplay, street-pass, etc. )

A:Yes I also have a retail 3DS unit and the two units do not communicate through streetpass, download play (tried with Steel Diver) or when trying to transfer Miis. I can't even exchange friend codes. As a note it communicates fine with a retail Wii and retail ds (or retail 3ds in ds mode)

  • Q:Does it connect to (production) nusd update servers for any updates?

A:It tries to connect to retail update servers (found this out by using a proxy server) but it errors out.

  • Q:Do you have any other software or hardware with it? ( firmware updates? rewritable CTR cards? etc. )

A:No i do not have any extra hardware or software except for a CTR card which has a game demo on it (made for test units and dev units and will not work on retail units)(I could take a picture if of it you like), though I am not sure if you can write to it as it is the same size as a retail cart not chunky like in some photos floating around. If I had the hardware to dump it, I would as I am assuming it has unsigned code on it(could be useful for analysis), as it has to be run from the dev menu.

  • Q:Can you get more of them however/wherever you received yours from?

A:Not likely, it was hard to obtain. It is possible though.

  • Q:Would you be willing to run pre-compiled apps imported through your dev menu on your test unit? [and if so do you have an email to send them to]

A:Yes I would love to (with in reason), they have to be in the .CIA format to be installed from the SD card. If you do make any, send the email with a description of what the application is suppose to do and any instructions. And if you want I can send screenshots and feedback I make about the applications you or others may send. You can send them to "". BTW message me at my talk page so I know to check for an email.

  • Q:Would you be willing to lend or rent your unit out? I'm pretty sure you won't but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

A:No I don't really want to lend it out.

All the best--3dsguy 18:19, 27 October 2011 (CEST)