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This CFA contains the files listed below in the RomFS.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x800 TitleID list of system titles

Unused TitleID entries are all-zero, therefore the total number of entries can be determined by finding the first all-zero entry. This list does not contain *all* system titles, though most are contained in this list.

This file was removed from the CDN CVer RomFS, starting with 8.0.0-18.


This 8-byte file contains most of the data used for displaying the system version in System Settings. Format of the system version: "<major>.<minor>.<build>-<revision><region>".

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 Build version number
0x1 0x1 Minor version number
0x2 0x1 Major version number
0x3 0x1 Reserved
0x4 0x1 ASCII character for the system version region
0x5 0x3 Reserved


This 0x40-byte file was added with 7.2.0-17. This is used by System Settings.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 First u8 is region, next u8 is version, the rest is all-zero. v7.2 USA = 0xa01, v8.0 USA = 0xb01, v8.0 EUR = 0xb02.
0x4 0xC All-zero
0x10 0x10 AES counter value
0x20 0x20 Encrypted HMAC key, decrypted using AES-128-CTR using a key from mset .rodata and the above counter value.


Added with 9.6.0-X. With 9.6.0-X, this is a 5-byte file containing the following: "9.6.7". This is the parsed version of the CVer TMD title-version. After USA 9.6.0-X for <=v11.0, this matches the version from CVer version.bin.