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Index Word Description
0 Header code [Starting with 9.3.0-X: 0x00180000]


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code
2-17 0x40-byte config struct.

Amiibo Config Structure[edit]

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Same as the date value in the struct for NFC:GetAmiiboSettings, except this is for the last-write date.
0x4 0x2 This is the u16 write counter field converted to little-endian, from amiibosettings+0x88.
0xD 0x1 This is byte[3] from NFC page[0x4].
0xE 0x1 NFC module writes hard-coded u8 value 0xD8 here. This is the size of the Amiibo AppData, apps can use this with the AppData R/W commands. This field may have been changed to u16 later?(Newer apps use u16 for accessing this field)
0xF 0x31 Unused / reserved: this is cleared by NFC module but never written after that.

This data originates from the Amiibo NFC data.


This returns the NFC Amiibo config, from data already stored in memory.