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| 0x00130040
| [[8.0.0-18]]
| ReadDeviceRaw8(u8 devid) Writes the output read u8 I2C data to cmdreply[2]. After successfully selecting the I2C device, it writes 0xE1 to CNT then loads the output u8 I2C data from the DATA register.
| 0x00140082
| [[8.0.0-18]]
| WriteDeviceRaw(u8 devid, u32 buffersize, (buffersize << 14) <nowiki>|</nowiki> 0x402, bufferptr)This is basically the write-data version of command 0x00150080.
| 0x00150080
| [[8.0.0-18]]
| ReadDeviceRaw(u8 devid, u32 buffersize, +0x180: (buffersize << 14) <nowiki>|</nowiki> 2, +0x184: bufferptr)This is the >1-byte version of command 0x00130040, except value 0xF0 is used for CNT instead of 0xE1.
Commands 0x00130040..0x00150080 are only usable with the New3DS i2c module: on Old3DS the actual command-handler function for each of these commands just return an error.

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