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::I see the two sides of the problem here Neimod and Lazymarek9614. This forum like many public homebrew forum,s are there to try to find a way to load Homebrew. Letting everyone know your progress on what you are doing lets people understand how the scene is performing and people who have the knowhow can possibly help. But the downside to this is if Nintendo gets the drift on what you trying to do, they have the advantage, they know how the 3DS better than anyone, so releasing data on some exploits and WIP could lead to Nintendo patching it before it is finalised. Thats the decision the homebrew devs have to make.
::It would cause more harm than good at this point. Showing that progress is being made keeps the community active, but public understanding of the encryption of the gamecard protocol is not vital for the pursuit of homebrew. It would only advance the pursuit of piracy. --[[User:Neimod|Neimod]] 02:47, 3 November 2011 (CET)
- Responsible disclosure.
- Don't bolt doors shut before you open them for yourselves.
- Try not to devalue the 3DS unnecessarily. Nintendo succeeding is also in our best interests, software/longevity wise.
- Despite what I just said (lol). If you can disclose the method without any specific technical information that would be nice. Privately if necessary.
- About the discussion further up on this page, I was able to inject logic. With a laptop and hcs microcontroller. ( microcontroller -> usb -> CTR cartridge ). I can obviously only get as far as what I can do without encryption, as I don't know how to encrypt or decrypt for now. [[User:Jl12:Jl12]]


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