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*"(>ლ)" -profi200, January 21st 2016
*"[[User:Tomsterley|tomsterle]], the awkward fanboy" -meowkins, January 21st 2016
* "Wiki | Page changedI think nobody wants to break your heart by telling you this, but you're not funny" -meowkins [In PM to [[User: IRC Quotes Tomsterley| tomsterle]]], January 21st 2016*"Plutobot does not have a sense of humor, thus he does not have any good quotes" -[[User: Cruel Tomsterley| http://3dbrewtomsterle]], January 21st 2016*"I hate to be that guy but dude, stop make completely useless wiki edits and spam this channel with useless crap.php?curid=2513&diff=15568&oldid=15567" -plutobotprofi200, January 21st 2016*"My farts sound like ARM code ;)" - profi200, January 26th 2016*"do wii half poop shoot for noobie? can we call it WB-Volcano ?" - FPC3DS, April 6th 2016*"Oh god why does that IRC quotes page still exist?" - profi200, April 6th 2016


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