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Exploits are used to execute unofficial code (homebrew) on the Nintendo 3DS. This page is a list of known 3DS-mode exploits.
==List of 3DS Exploitsexploits==
There are currently no known 3DS-mode exploits.
==Tips and infoCurrent efforts==Information There are people working on finding exploits and documenting the 3DS. Here's internals is scarce, notably a list of some current efforts being made to make homebrew on the following3DS possible:
Flash encryption type/key(* Neimod has been working on a RAM dumping setup for a little while now. He's) Gamecard encryption key(desoldered the 3DS's) Memory mappings Pica200 GPU registers RAM chip and general programming info (commands, hooked it and the RAM pinouts on the 3DS's PCB up to a custom RAM dumping setup. Recent photos show that the setupis working quite well, etcwith the 3DS successfully booting up. Pictures of neimod's work can be found on [ his Flickr stream].) Many other things
What this means is if any exploits are found, it would be very difficult to do anything useful with them. ==Tips and info== There are similarities between Information on the 3DS and it's predecessors that could be used to communicate with an outside device (PC, microcontroller, etcinternals is scarce.), one of them being the WiFi chip, which There is very similar between the 3DS and DSi. Theoretically, if you could launch some code little information on programming the 3DS via an exploitavailable, you could initialize the WiFi chip in other than basic information found by taking the 3DSapart, connect to an access point, then connect to some network connected device, leaks and send and receive data from the 3DS to the network connected device. This would allow you to do memory dumps over WiFi, upload code to the 3DS, etcreverse engineering.
Another method What this means is if any exploits are found, it would be very difficult to dump the contents of the 3DS's RAM through a hardware modificationdo anything useful with them. This can be Work is currently being done by soldering connections to find out how the 3DS's RAM ticks and connecting it to an FPGA or similar deviceaid in finding exploits. The 3DS would then be powered on and it would modify and use RAM as it normally would, and then See the hacker can disengage the 3DS from it's RAM (through a switch, etc.) or access the RAM through the FPGA while the 3DS is still using it. A good example [[#Current efforts | current efforts]] section of this type of modification is scanlime's work with the DSi ([ link])page for examples and more information.


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