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| 0x320
| 168| UnknownLoader Title ID|-| 0x328| 8| Loader Title Version
CCI images may not include all three NCCH blocks. For example, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars lacks the second NCCH. Entries at 0x130, 0x134 and 0x1A0 in its NCSD header are zero.
= CXI Table Theory =
The 3 CXIs appear in some order.
if you take offset 0x120 and look at it as a table of {uint32 offset, uint32 length} it might be the CXI table
and at 0x190 starting the title_id table {uint64 title_id} of the same size as the table before.
Each CXI's information is on the same index on both tables...
In this method of reading CCIs can hold up to 13 CXIs.


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