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The proprietary and by now ancient DS-mode WiFi is colored yellow, pins are unknown.
I2C I²C eeprom is colored blue:
Monitors HOME button, WiFi switch, 3D slider, volume control slider.
Controls LEDs, various power suppliesvia an I²C connection to the PMIC.
Two I²C buses are attached to the MCU. For one, the SoC is the master; for the other, the MCU is the master. Devices attached to I2C MCU master I²C bus:* UC MCU (master?)* Fuel Gauge
* Accelerometer (slave address 0x18)
* PMIC* maybe more? Devices attached the the SoC master I²C bus:* SoC (master? slave?)* MCU* LCD* Camera* QTM (New3DS-only)
The MCU uses the [ RL78 ISA].
The MCU uses some custom Special Function Registers, but documentation for much of the hardware protocol/general SFRs can be found [ here].


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