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| title = CTR - Crappy Tiny Reader
| image =
| type = system toolpc utility
| author = PsyKo
| download =| source website =| version = 0.0507
Crappy Tiny Reader is a small Windows application for checking the basic header information of NDS/DSi/3DS dumps. == Changelog == v0.07* data size calculation bug fixed for 3DS ROMS bigger than 2Gb.* experimental new tab to detect NDS roms with bad header (DSi not supported)* lot of new "Maker Codes" added  v0.06* Tool now supports NDS and DSi ROMS* the ROM capacity calculation has been changed for 3DS* bug with CRC32 fixed* bug with locked files fixed* Plain region infos now displayed for 3DS dumps* textboxes black background bug fixed
== Screenshot ==


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