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See [[Mii Maker]] for the application chiefly designed to create, edit, delete, and trade Miis or convert them from and to a QR code.
The default endianness in this page is little-endian, unless explicitly specified.
==Mii Database==
| 0x23FC
| 0x40x2| Header 0xFFFFFFFFLinked list tail index. 0xFFFF if the list is empty|-| 0x23FE| 0x2| Linked list head index. 0xFFFF if the list is empty
| 0x2400
| 0xA41E0xA410 (3000 * 0xE)| Array Linked list of objects? See chapter|-| 0xC810| 0xE| Padding?
| 0xC81E
| 0xC824
| 0x4
| Header? 0x39000000Mii count in this section. Maximum 100
| 0xC8610xC828| 0x2B0x64 (100 * 0x1)| Weird paddingOrder index of Mii in this section? 0x00
| 0xC88C
| 0x1C20 (?100 * 0x48)| Array of Miis contributed from games, used for Mii Plaza "invitations" feature.<br/>The format isn't that of a full Mii.The "author" field is missing
| 0xE4AC
| 0xE4C0
| 0x3D860(3000 * 0x54)| Empty Another array of Miis. Seems related to the CFHE section. <br/>The Mii format in this section is modified. The "author" field is missing, A 4-byte timestamp (seconds since 2000) together with 8-byte zeros(00?)is appended at the end.
When encrypted in QR codes, 4 additional bytes are added. Two null bytes and a CRC-16. It's the exact same CRC-16 as for the Wii blocks on the 0x5e first bytes. It seems that the CRC is ignored, the Mii Maker expecting the result of APT:Unwrap to detect integrity loss.
==CFHE object==
A 0xE-byte long itemlinked list nodeOn my database, they're all 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 FF7F FF7FThe format is 4-byte Mii ID (See Mii format) + 6-byte MAC + 2-byte previous node index (prev) + 2-byte next node index (next).
Wild speculationAn invalid node has value: blacklist of already scanned celebrity (gold) Mii QRs?ID = 0, MAC = 0, prev = 0x7FFF, next = 0x7FFF.
Alternative interpretation: FFFF FFFF 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 is The highest bit of these fields has some special meaning and isn't part of the 1st item; FF7F FF7F 0000 [index value...] the 2nd, etc;
| 0x0
| 0x4
| Mii ID Header (see chapter)
| 0x4
| 0xC
| 0x4
| Specialness and date of creation Mii ID (big-endian 32bit unsigned integer):<br/>Bit 0..27: (bit[0..27] * 2) = date of creation (seconds since 01/01/2010 00:00:00)<br/>Bit 31: not set iff Mii is special
| 0x10
==Mii IDHeader==
* Byte 0: generally equals 3 (category?)
* Byte 1: 0/1 = copying off/on


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