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Hey there. I'm CHR15x94. You probably haven't heard of me, and that's because I haven't really made or done anything useful to contribute to the hacking/homebrew community before. The only semi interesting thing I've made is a half-ass GameBoy (monochrome) emulator, which can be found on EmuTalk (build's old though). I'll create and edit pages here on 3DBrew when I can.
Some sites you may have seen me on: <br />- ''EmuTalk'' - Made a couple posts in the Programming section. Posted a GameBoy emulator I did (about a year old, build is old, contains bugs, most of which I fixed a few days after release) <br />- ''YouTube'' - Posted a couple useless videos <br />==Contact Info==- ''XboxHacker'' - Signed up Feel free to view a few threads. Was thinking contact me through one of doing something 360 related, but found the 360 rather dull <br following services/>- Probably others - I have a crappy memory :P <br />websites.
[ YouTube] [ Steam] [] [ Email] I don't currently have a 3DSm registered on other sites as well, but plan on getting one later these are the ones I am most frequently on this year. Will certainly do some homebrew dev if I can, maybe some other things. Anything I do will probably be emulation related.


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