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=== Filesystem ===
Savefiles are stored on the FLASH are using in a custom FSfilesystem called SAVE. SAVE has a header which describes where the various bits of the filesystem live. The most important is the FST or filesystem table. It seems You can find the FST by first finding the file base offset which is the offset to which all the entries in the FST are stored somewhere relative. The file base offset is a uint16_t at 0x58 from the filesystem start. The FST offset is a uint32_t at 0x6C and is in the third blockblocks (which are 0x200 bytes large).
The first entry is Once you've found the root directoryFST, stored with a filename of '!'parsing it is fairly straightforward.
struct fs_entry {
u32 nodesnode_cnt;
u8 filename[0x10];
u32 index;
The first entry is the root directory, easily identifiable by the node_cnt being larger than 1. The node_cnt includes the root directory itself, so there are node_cnt - 1 files in the root directory. The entries that follow after the root directory are the actual files. Reading them out is as simple as taking the file base offset and adding (block_offset * 0x200) to it.
Example from Super MonkeyBall 3D:


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