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'''Nintendo's 64Byte Note'''
Different from the wrapping structure this structure is Little-Endian.
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! Default Value
|Intuint32|Number of seconds since 1/1/2010 00:00:00
|Title ID Low
|Intuint32|like the title id low but without the last two letters
|240x14|Console identifier?Flags|Intuint32|?
|380x18|UnknownConsole ID|Unknownbyte[4]|Unknownunique identifier
|400x1C|Padding|byte[12]|0|-|0x28|3D Parallax*|NegInt?float|[-60,60]|-|0x2C|Padding|uint32|?0
|480x30|Category?|Int?uint16|0x02000 0x2000 for a man, 0x04000 0x4000 a woman, 0x10000 0x1000 a mii...|-|0x32|Filter|uint16||-|0x34|Padding|byte[12]|0
*The 3D Parallax value is the distance that the right image needed to move in order to get focus.
My formula to get that value isn't so good but here it is:
x = (lsb - 0xC0) << 8 + msb;
Parallax = - round( 2 ^ (x/128 + 2) )
If someone makes sense of this, please explain or maybe correct..


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