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===== 1. General Questions =====
1a. What is the state of N3DS homebrew'''Q:''' Any progress?* Since the 3DS is still new hardware homebrew can't currently be ran on the 3DS- outside of NDS mode.
1b. Has '''A:''' See latest news on the NAND been dumped?* Nomain page. ApparentlyIf there's progress, a fake one was uploaded to torrent websites for April 1stit'll be right there.
1c. What if anything has been documented?
* Some protocol differences between itself and previous generations of the handheld. Save encryption. Some of the hardware.
'''Q:''' Has the NAND been dumped?
===== 2'''A:''' No. Apparently, a fake one was uploaded to torrent websites for April 1st. Wikipedia =====
2a. What can I do to help?
* Aside from keeping ===== Contributions ===== '''Q:''' What can I do to help? '''A:''' Try to keep information on this wiki up to date: Finding out how the 3DS uses information and posting any unexpected behaviors. Discussion, questions, correcting Try to correct or clarifying clarify any unclear information. Try to document useful information about the Nintendo 3DS.

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