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| ESHOP://50010000009846 || USA || Ketzal's Corridors || ? ||
* New QR Code for Japanese "Photos with Super Mario" has a different code string: ESHOP://50010000013120.J00108Z00001.CD588EAE95A3A68D15C647DA2AC0945FD88F70AB8A31149E51C4B05FB927B0B8
* There is a link in the Japanese eshop <nowiki>[]</nowiki> where you can replace the #### with the Japanese eShop title's serial and you will get its qrcode. (i.e. will get you the pushmo qr code)
* You could use Google's Chart API to create a qr code from the codes above: (replace the ESHOP text with the ESHOP:// link from one of the above..)


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