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| 0x00060000
| [[1.0.0-0]]
| GetRomId. This reads 0x40-bytes from a gamecard command, and returns the first 0x10-bytes from that since the rest of the command reply is invalid.
| 0x00070000
| [[1.0.0-0]]
| GetRomId2. The first u8 this returns is from GetRomMakerCode, the following 0x10-bytes are from [[AES|encrypting]] the 0x10-bytes which GetRomId returns.
| 0x00080000
| 0x000E0042
| [[1.0.0-0]], removed with [[2.0.0-2]]
| With [[2.0.0-2]] the system no longer handles this command at all. This is was mostly the same as GenerateRandomBytes.
These RSA commands are an interface for using the [[RSA]] engine. The system will hang when it attempts to use a >RSA-2048 RSA bit-size with the RSA engine, since the [[RSA]] engine does not support >RSA-2048.

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