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There's a common key used to generate output at compile time, when the cci/ctx files are made. Why do you say 128 bit AES CTR though? [[User:Jl12|Jl12]]
: Because 128-bit AES CTR is used to encrypt those formats. --[[User:Neimod|Neimod]] 15:40, 18 June 2011 (CEST)
I know *something* is used to encrypt but do we know it is 128 bit AES CTR? [[User:Jl12|Jl12]]
Frankly I don't think it was AES. I think it's using RSA for encryption. Besides it already used it once for the 2048-bit signature as you said. Wouldn't it make way more sense to also use it for the encryption scheme. [[User:Jl12|Jl12]]
- CCI files are 'CTR card images', which are burned to ROM. If the application is ran from NAND then a CXI file is generated instead. CIA files are installed to NAND after they are imported or loaded from a external source first ( the SD card ). CXI are required to make a CIA file.[[User:Jl12|Jl12]]
I want you to write express about key words when you change the page...
I can understand what you say,but someone visit this wiki first will probably give up,I think...[[User_talk:Matyapiro|Matyapiro]]
- What?
- CXI == ran from NAND.
- CCI == cart/ROM format.
- CIA first imported from an external source. *Then* executed from NAND. "external source" = either an SD card or (official) debugging hardware.
I'm just explaining there are many analogues to the CXI format and they're all similar to each other but compiled/linked for different purposes mostly. (It isn't a comprehensive list, either. )


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