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The 9.5.0-22 system update was released on February 2, 2015.


Official change-log:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

System Titles[edit]

The following titles were updated: eShop, Home Menu, CVer, and Old3DS/New3DS NVer.

The GPIO system-module and the NFC New3DS system-module were updated.

Old3DS/New3DS NATIVE_FIRM was updated. None of the Old3DS/New3DS system-titles updated with 9.5.0-22 actually require this NATIVE_FIRM.

Home Menu[edit]

These changes are minor, this includes removal of some throw_fatalerr() func calls.

GPIO system-module[edit]

These changes are minor. Code was added to the function handling GPIO service command 0x000A0042, for closing the input handle when an error occurs in this function.


In Old3DS/New3DS Process9 only *one* u32 was changed: the address of the FIRM header used during FIRM launch. This fixes firmlaunch-hax.

There was no actual code changes in the ARM11 kernel.


The ARM9-loader has added a new keyX with keyslot 0x16 that is generated on hard-boot. The ARM9 binary is now encrypted with this keyslot, instead of the original one.

This new crypto is rather useless due to Nintendo failing yet again. The flaws which allowed for this were fixed with 9.5.0-X.

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