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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00100102]
1 u32 filter
2 Buffer size in words(max entries).
3 u16, starting word-index in the internal NsDataId list.
4 u32, start_NsDataId.
5 Descriptor for mapping a write-only buffer in the target process
6 Destination pointer


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code
2 u16 Actual number of output entries.
3 u16 Last word-index copied to output in the internal NsDataId list.


Content filtering is enabled when this word isn't 0xffffffff. This is only used for the following: if(filterword_u16high!=contentdatatype_u16high || (filterword_u16low & contentdatatype_u16low) == 0)continue; Hence, filterword_u16high must match contentdatatype_u16high, and the bitmask specified by filterword_u16low must be non-zero in contentdatatype_u16low. The contentdatatype is extracted from the extdata filename, which originates from the BOSS-container. The NsDataId for the content entry is only written to the output when processing isn't skipped due to filtering.

Start NsDataId[edit]

This field is only used when starting_wordindex is non-zero or when this field is non-zero.

The NsDataId at the specified start-wordindex must match this field, otherwise error 0xD840F846 is returned. It will then skip normal content entry processing for this matching entry(cur_wordindex is field is increased by 0x1 before starting the content entry processing loop).


This writes an array of u32 entries(NsDataId) to the output buffer, for the current programID.

This eventually calls a function with the following type parameters: 0, 1, 1. This function doesn't use the second type parameter. Afterwards another function is called using the programID.