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CBMD - CTR Banner Model Data

This page describes the format used for banners' models. These are stored in CXI ExeFS:/banner and optionally in extdata exbanner. CBMD is a container file for CGFX blocks. This is used for banners of titles you see in the home menu. BNR used for the app banners in the CXI/exbanner is the same as CBMD with CWAV at the end.

CBMD Header[edit]

Offset Length Description
0x0 0x4 Magic "CBMD"
0x4 0x4 Zero
0x8 0x4 Offset for common CGFX
0xc 0x34 Optional offsets for region/language specific CGFX
0x40 0x44 Padding?
0x84 0x4 BCWAV offset

The common CGFX is used if the CGFX offset for the system region/language is zero. Those optional offsets can be used in extdata exbanner, but separate CBMD banner files for each region/language can be used as well.

Indexes for CGFX offset array[edit]

Index Description
0 EUR-English
1 EUR-French
2 EUR-German
3 EUR-Italian
4 EUR-Spanish
5 EUR-Dutch
6 EUR-Portuguese
7 EUR-Russian
8 JPN-Japanese
9 USA-English
10 USA-French
11 USA-Spanish
12 USA-Portuguese


CGFX are compressed using LZ11. For CXI banner CGFX, the decompressed size must be no larger than 0x80000.

Graphics containers. Contains: 3D Models, Shaders, Objects, Materials, Textures, etc. See CGFX for more information.


The included BCWAV total channels must be 2, and the length of the audio must be 3 seconds or less, otherwise the sound will play incorrectly (beeping/clicking) or the model may fail to load.