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The CXI generator has not been released yet, please understand it is under development. I apologize for adding in the possibility of using retail RSA keys; they would be so hard for us to get it wouldn't even be funny having them. However, when homebrew is available to this community the output should be usable, as a homebrew loader would not check the signature.

Notes from users[edit]

This application may not generate completely perfect files yet. Banner output has been checked. It is proper data if the program is used properly. The same goes for the ICN.

General information[edit]


Over the past weeks I have been working on Project CiTRUS (citrus). Currently this tool boasts the capability to output proper Nintendo 3DS (CTR) BaNneR and ICoN files using my XBSF format.

You may notice that creating these formats is not yet available in any other released tool. Over the course of time I will do my best to add creating new formats of 3DS files among various other calculations if I see users are liking the program.

If you have v0.1 please update it! There are new bug fixes, GUI changes, and updates! It is also more n00b compliant than the previous version. (now has a lot of help text)

I do not include an editor for the image formats, however, I do include an example of each required file for generating a test banner/icon. I do this not to troll, but rather in the hopes that it will encourage other talented users to make programs for the 3DS.


Since v0.2, a readme is not really necessary anymore. I've included helpful text inside each tab in the CiTRUS window to do things on-the-fly without needing to switch between notepad (or your favourite text editor) and CiTRUS.


  • 1x XBSF (Xtended Banner Specifications(Spec) File)
  • 2x CTPK (CTR Texture PacKage)
  • 1x BCWAV (Banner CTR Wave)
  • 1x CBMD (CTR Banner Model Data)


  • 1x BNR (Optional)
  • 1x ICN (Optional)


I don't think there is any, but since this is a beta please report to me if there are issues that come about!



Well, it's been a fun 7 months so far.

Encrypted, proper CXI:

Signatures, Hashes, ExeFS, Extended Header, Flags[-], NCCH header, and encryption are now valid. The only thing left now is the RomFS.

[-] = It seems flags for developer applications may differ from retail application flags, but it is not a big deal as when retail applications can be decrypted I can replace and change my flags to fit retail needs. The generated CXIs would still require an exploit to run on a retail 3DS, however. The flags are already laid out and are valid developer flags, though.


Version 0.2:

  • Fix: "Polish" changed "Portuguese"
  • Fix: Can now Set region to Taiwan
  • Fix: Can now Set rating to true
  • Add: Colour scheme of menu items to match colour scheme menu bar
  • Add: ComboBox for regions and ratings
  • Add: Checkboxes instead of true/false typing
  • Add: Automatic saving before building
  • Add: Banner writing progress bar/notification of finishing
  • Add: Help box incorporated into each tab (except title name/publisher tabs because those are not so complicated)
  • Add: Name now reflects what's on here (CiTRUS) and version number (v0.2)


CiTRUS v0.1.png