DSP Binary

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Offset Size Description
0x0 0x100 RSA Signature over bytes 0x100-0x300
0x100 4 Magic ('DSP1')
0x104 4 DSP binary size
0x108 2 Memory layout (bits 0-7: Program ram, 8-15: Data ram). Each bit represents a memory region. The region is always 0x8000 bytes in size (the first region starts at 0x1FF00000; the next is a 0x1FF08000 and so on). The HW registers for DSP memory configuration are CFG11_SHAREDWRAM_32K_DATA and CFG11_SHAREDWRAM_32K_CODE, located at physical address 0x10140000 (mapped to 0x1EC40000).
0x10C 1 ?
0x10D 1 Special segment memory type (0=1=0x1FF00000(Program ram)+,2=0x1FF40000(Data ram)+)
0x10E 1 Num segments (must be 1-10)
0x10F 1 Flags:

bit0: if set, DSP module calls DSP:RecvData on all three registers and expects them to reply value 1

bit1: if set, load special segment

0x110 4 Special segment Start address in 16-bit words
0x114 4 Special segment size in bytes
0x118 8 Zero
0x120 0x30*10 Segment records

If "special segment" flag is set, 0x214 bytes are read from CfgS:GetConfigInfoBlk8 block 0x70000, and then copied to the special segment given. If the reading fails, zeroes are written in its place. The purpose of this segment is currently unknown.

Each segment record:

Offset Size Description
0 4 Offset data
4 4 Start address in 16-bit words (must be < 0x20000 for type 0, < 0x10000 for type 1,2)
8 4 Size in bytes
15 1 Memory type (0=1=0x1FF00000 (Program ram)+,2=0x1FF40000 (Data ram)+)
16 32 SHA256 hash of segment

The normal ending of this files is *.cdc