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Friend list is a system applet used to register and view friends. When two 3ds units have registered each other as friends, in the list is showed the following information

  • Offline-Online status
  • Game being played
  • Personal status message

In order to use this applet, the Personal Mii must be already created. Parental Controls can restrict the friend-adding process.

Friend cards[edit]

The first time setup generates a personal friend card. This card displays the Personal Mii, favorite software and friend code. If the software in use supports them, friend cards can include additional features, such as status comments, the presence feature, and the join-in feature.

The presence feature notifies your friends when you are online with your oline status, last time online, game currently playing. Online status is shown using the Mii on the friend card or with the text "Online". When a friend is offline, the last time they were online is displayed. If they stay online for more than 10 days,, the text disappears.

When a user is playing a game, the join-in feature notifies the user’s friends that they can play the application with the user, and enables those friends to join in gameplay.