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"pxi:dev" service[edit]

Command Header Available since system version Description
0x000101C2 1.0.0-0 ReadHostIO
0x000201C2 1.0.0-0 WriteHostIO
0x00030102 1.0.0-0 ReadHostEx
0x00040102 1.0.0-0 WriteHostEx
0x00050102 1.0.0-0 WriteHostExStart. Stubbed, only returns an error. Use WriteHostEx instead.
0x00060102 1.0.0-0 WriteHostExChunk. Stubbed, only returns an error. Use WriteHostEx instead.
0x00070000 1.0.0-0 WriteHostExEnd. Stubbed, only returns an error. Use WriteHostEx instead.
0x00080000 2.0.0-2 InitializeMIDI
0x00090000 2.0.0-2 FinalizeMIDI
0x000A0000 2.0.0-2 GetMIDIInfo. This writes 3 bytes to cmdreply[2], the SPICARD hw is used for this.
0x000B0000 2.0.0-2 GetMIDIBufferSize. This writes a max-size value to cmdreply[2].
0x000C0042 2.0.0-2 ReadMIDI (size, ((size<<8) | 4), outbufptr) This copies the data from some buffer(size is restricted to the maxsize value also used by command 0x000B0000) to the FCRAM outbuf, when certain flags are set correctly.
0x000D0688 2.0.0-2 SPIMultiWriteRead
0x000E0284 2.0.0-2 SPIWriteRead
0x000F0000 2.0.0-2 GetCardDevice



Value Description
0 0x0 bytes
1 0x4 bytes
2 0x10 bytes
3 0x40 bytes
4 0x200 bytes
5 0x400 bytes
6 0x800 bytes
7 0x1000 bytes
8 0x2000 bytes


Bits Description
0-5 CardSpiBaudRate
6-7 CardSpiBusMode


Bits Description
0-3 WaitType
4-7 DeassertType
8-63 Nanoseconds


Value Description
0 None
1 Sleep
2 Wait for IREQ, return if timeout
3 Wait for IREQ, continue if timeout


Value Description
0 None
1 Before wait
2 After wait