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HTTP service "http:C"[edit]

Command Header Available since system-version Available from service-sessions Description
0x00010044 1.0.0-0 Initialize
0x00020082 1.0.0-0 Main-only CreateContext
0x00030040 1.0.0-0 All CloseContext
0x00040040 1.0.0-0 CancelConnection
0x00050040 1.0.0-0 GetRequestState
0x00060040 1.0.0-0 GetDownloadSizeState
0x00070040 1.0.0-0 GetRequestError
0x00080042 1.0.0-0 InitializeConnectionSession
0x00090040 1.0.0-0 BeginRequest
0x000A0040 1.0.0-0 BeginRequestAsync
0x000B0082 1.0.0-0 ReceiveData
0x000C0102 1.0.0-0 ReceiveDataTimeout
0x000D0146 1.0.0-0 SetProxy
0x000E0040 1.0.0-0 SetProxyDefault
0x000F00C4 1.0.0-0 SetBasicAuthorization
0x00100080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetSocketBufferSize
0x001100C4 1.0.0-0 AddRequestHeader
0x001200C4 1.0.0-0 AddPostDataAscii
0x001300C4 1.0.0-0 AddPostDataBinary
0x00140082 1.0.0-0 AddPostDataRaw
0x00150080 1.0.0-0 SetPostDataType(u8 enum)
0x001600C4 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataAscii
0x00170144 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataAsciiTimeout
0x001800C4 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataBinary
0x00190144 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataBinaryTimeout
0x001A0082 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataRaw
0x001B0102 1.0.0-0 SendPOSTDataRawTimeout
0x001C0080 1.0.0-0 SetPostDataEncoding
0x001D0040 1.0.0-0 NotifyFinishSendPostData
0x001E00C4 1.0.0-0 GetResponseHeader
0x001F0144 1.0.0-0 GetResponseHeaderTimeout
0x00200082 1.0.0-0 GetResponseData
0x00210102 1.0.0-0 GetResponseDataTimeout
0x00220040 1.0.0-0 GetResponseStatusCode
0x002300C0 1.0.0-0 GetResponseStatusCodeTimeout
0x00240082 1.0.0-0 AddTrustedRootCA
0x00250080 1.0.0-0 AddDefaultCert
0x00260080 1.0.0-0 SelectRootCertChain
0x002700C4 1.0.0-0 SetClientCert
0x00280080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetClientCertDefault
0x00290080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetClientCertContext
0x002A0040 1.0.0-0 All (u32 contexthandle) GetSSLError? This loads a value from state, this doesn't seem to use any sslc command.
0x002B0080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetSSLOpt
0x002C0080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetSSLClearOpt
0x002D0000 1.0.0-0 Main-only CreateRootCertChain
0x002E0040 1.0.0-0 Main-only DestroyRootCertChain
0x002F0082 1.0.0-0 Main-only RootCertChainAddCert
0x00300080 1.0.0-0 Main-only RootCertChainAddDefaultCert
0x00310080 1.0.0-0 Main-only RootCertChainRemoveCert
0x00320084 1.0.0-0 Main-only OpenClientCertContext
0x00330040 1.0.0-0 Main-only OpenDefaultClientCertContext
0x00340040 1.0.0-0 Main-only CloseClientCertContext
0x00350186 1.0.0-0 Main-only SetDefaultProxy
0x00360000 1.0.0-0 ClearDNSCache
0x00370080 2.0.0-X SetKeepAlive (bool)
0x003800C0 3.0.0-X. SetPostDataTypeSize (u8 enum, u32 size) (similar to SetPostDataType)
0x00390000 3.0.0-X. Finalize
0x003A0080 8.0.0-X SetKeepAlive?
0x003B0082 9.0.0-X SetCrl
0x003C0080 9.0.0-X SetInternalCrl
0x003D0080 9.0.0-X SetCrlStore
0x003E0000 9.0.0-X CreateCrlStore
0x003F0040 9.0.0-X DestroyCrlStore
0x00400082 9.0.0-X AddCrlToCrlStore
0x00410080 9.0.0-X AddInternalCrl
0x00420040 9.0.0-X RemoveCrlFromCrlStore

TLS Root CAs[edit]

Initially a HTTP context will not trust any root-CAs at all. Which root-CAs to trust must be explicitly specified via the add-root-CA service command(s).

RootCertChains can be used to easily select a particular chain of trusted root-CAs with multiple HTTP contexts, without having to re-send each of the root-CA commands for each HTTP context. The maximum number of RootCertChains that can exist for an user-process, is only 2.

When using the context-specific RootCA commands such as HTTPC:AddTrustedRootCA where HTTPC:SelectRootCertChain was already used, the cert will just be added to the selected RootCertChain.

ClientCert Contexts[edit]

These are basically the same as RootCertChains except for TLS client cert+privk. The maximum number of ClientCert-contexts that can exist for an user-process, is only 2.

Error codes[edit]

Error code Description
0xd8a0a03c Failed to verify the HTTPS server's TLS certificate.
0xd8a0a046 This is returned by HTTPC:Initialize when no network connection is available(or at least when wifi is disabled via Home Menu on New3DS). Seems to be caused by DNS lookup failure(SOCU:getaddrinfo returning an error).
0xd8a0a049 Seems to be caused by a socket connect() timeout error?
0xd8a0a066 This indicates that the context handle is wrong.
0xd820a069 This is returned when the call times out (with any call with a timeout arg)