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IDBE is Nintendo's title icon database. Entries contain title icon, region, and name (in various languages). Similar to the SMDH. All game titles are on the server (excluding DSiWare?), including demos and updates.


%02X seems to always be 0x10 (?)

%016llX is the title id.

%d is an optional title version.


The icon database is encrypted with AES-128 CBC. All icons use the same IV and one of 4 possible keys (as specified by the key index in the header).

The IV/keys are hardcoded in the friend list applet. They are also on the WiiU.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 ? (usually zero)
0x1 0x1 Key index
0x2 0x36D0 Encrypted data

Encrypted Data[edit]

Icon data is uncompressed RGB565.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x20 SHA256 hash
0x20 0x10 ?
0x30 0x4 Region lockout (u32 little endian)
0x34 0x1C ?
0x50 + i * 0x200 0x200 Title struct where i = language index
0x2050 0x480 24x24 Icon data
0x24D0 0x1200 48x48 Icon data