MicroSD Management

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This is the New_3DS-only system application used for microSD data transfer for New3DS<>PC. This is launched via System Settings.

This uses the SMB protocol. When first starting the application it will ask for an username, password, and workgroup name, for accessing the New3DS with from a PC. These settings are then stored in savedata, so that info doesn't need setup each time the application is launched.

Although said to only work with Windows systems, it will work with other OS's if the name of the PC is changed. This is because the app has a hardcoded check for the name of the PC. Why it has this DRM is a mystery.

System Savedata[edit]

  • "/Mcopy.dat" Filesize is (at least?) 0x68-bytes, contains the stored settings.

Savefile structure:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 u32, unknown. Usually 1?
0x4 0x4 u32, unknown. Usually 1?
0x8 0x20 char[] wifi AP SSID
0x28 0x10 char[] SMB device name
0x38 0x10 char[] SMB workgroup name
0x48 0x10 char[] SMB username
0x58 0x10 char[] SMB password