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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00200102]
1 u32 inputsize
2 u32 outputsize
3-4 u64 microseconds value, timing related. The u32 value passed to the internal send-cmd func is basically: "in64 / 1000000". Other Amiibo-tag code calling that func use raw u32 value 200.
5 Descriptor for static buffer
6 Input buffer address with static_buf_id=0

The handler for this IPC command expects the following 0x100-bytes after the beginning of the above command buffer:

Index Word Description
0 Descriptor for static buffer
1 Output buffer address


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code
2 u32 actual_output_size
3 Descriptor for static buffer
4 Output data pointer with static_buf_id=0


This sends a raw NFC command to the tag. The inbuf/outbuf is the raw data to send/receive to/from the tag. With Amiibo tags the first byte in the inbuf is the command, followed by any parameters for the command if required.

outputsize value 0x800 will be used when it's >=0x800. An error will be returned if actual_output_size is larger than outputsize. This can only be used when initialized with type3, and when the TagState is 3.