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Index Word Description
0 Header code [Starting with 9.3.0-X: 0x00160242]
1 Size
2-9 See below input struct.
10 (Size<<14) | 2
11 Pointer to input appdata buf


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code

Input struct[edit]

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x7 NFC tag 7-byte UID, must match the current tag UID stored in NFC module state.
0x8 0x2 Unused
0xA 0x1 Size of the above UID, must match a NFC module state field(value 0x7).
0xB 0x15 Unused


This is used to write to the Amiibo app-data stored in memory, when the app-data was already setup for the user application. When the size is <0xD8-bytes, the remaining app-data in memory has data from a "PRNG" written to it.

Besides the usual NFC module state checks, this command can only be used when a certain state u8 field is non-zero, otherwise an error is returned.