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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00120100]
1 BindNodeID
2 u32 recv_buffer_size. Official user-processes require this to be >=0x646. This is the exact size of the buffer allocated under sharedmem used for storing the received data which can then be loaded via NWMUDS:PullPacket(this includes header data). NWM-module itself only requires this size to be >=0x5F4(this is only checked after allocating the buffer).
3 u8 data_channel
4 u16 NetworkNodeID probably. Likely for controlling which device this BindNodeID can communicate with, or all of them when the broadcast alias is used.


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code
2 Value 0x0, handle transfer translate-header.
3 Output event handle. This is signaled every time data becomes available via NWMUDS:PullPacket.

Data Channel[edit]

This is an arbitrary value to use for data-frame filtering. This bind will only receive data frames which contain a matching data_channel value. The input data_channel value for this command must be non-zero, otherwise error 0xE10113EA is returned.


This initializes a BindNodeID for use on this device, etc. This can be done multiple times for initializing different BindNodeIDs.