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The Notifications applet allows users to view their SpotPass and StreetPass notifications. The LED for notifications turns green when a new StreetPass notification arrives, blue when a SpotPass notification arrives. The icon in the HOME Menu can have a green dot when there are unread StreetPass notifications, or a blue dot when there are unread SpotPass notifications.

The main screen of the Notifications applet displays the number of unread notifications on the upper screen. The list on the lower screen displays notification titles and icons. Unread notifications are marked with an icon indicating their unread status.


Notifications must include both a title and body text. The notification title has a maximum of 31 character per line. If the text exceeds the maximum display width, the character size can be reduced by a maximum of 20%. If the text still exceeds the display width, overflowing characters are not shown. The notification body can contain up to 3000 UTF-16LE characters, including the NULL terminator. LF is used only for newline characters.

Some notifications can have optional attachments, such as an URL or image. URLs can have a maximum of 1024 UTF-8 characters. The body will have a maximum of 3000 UTF-16 characters minus the URL. The image must have a resolution of 400×240 pixels, in JPEG or MPO format, 50KB maximum.