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A total of 24 sessions can be open for each of these services combined. The commands for each service are handled by the PTM module main() thread.

User PTM Service "ptm:u" / PTM services[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010002 RegisterAlarmClient
0x00020080 SetRtcAlarm
0x00030000 GetRtcAlarm
0x00040000 CancelRtcAlarm
0x00050000 GetAdapterState
0x00060000 GetShellState
0x00070000 GetBatteryLevel
0x00080000 GetBatteryChargeState
0x00090000 GetPedometerState
0x000A0042 GetStepHistoryEntry
0x000B00C2 GetStepHistory
0x000C0000 GetTotalStepCount
0x000D0040 SetPedometerRecordingMode
0x000E0000 GetPedometerRecordingMode
0x000F0084 GetStepHistoryAll

The above commands are available for all PTM services, except the SetSystemTime service.

PlayHistory PTM Service "ptm:play"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x08070082 GetPlayHistory
0x08080000 GetPlayHistoryStart
0x08090000 GetPlayHistoryLength
0x080B0080 CalcPlayHistoryStart

SystemControl PTM Service "ptm:s"[edit]

Identical to the below "ptm:sysm"

SysMenu PTM Service "ptm:sysm"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x040100C0 SetRtcAlarmEx
0x04020042 ReplySleepQuery
0x04030042 NotifySleepPreparationComplete
0x04040102 SetWakeupTrigger
0x04050000 GetAwakeReason
0x04060000 RequestSleep
0x040700C0 ShutdownAsync
0x04080000 Awake
0x04090080 RebootAsync
0x040A0000 CheckNew3DS (Added with 8.0.0-18)
0x08010640 SetInfoLEDPattern (These 4 LED commands are used for the notification LED, see MCU regarding boot fail with invalid parameters)
0x08020040 SetInfoLEDPatternHeader
0x08030000 GetInfoLEDStatus
0x08040040 SetBatteryEmptyLEDPattern
0x08050000 ClearStepHistory
0x080600C2 SetStepHistory
0x08070082 GetPlayHistory
0x08080000 GetPlayHistoryStart
0x08090000 GetPlayHistoryLength
0x080A0000 ClearPlayHistory
0x080B0080 CalcPlayHistoryStart
0x080C0080 SetUserTime
0x080D0000 InvalidateSystemTime
0x080E0140 NotifyPlayEvent
0x080F0000 GetSoftwareClosedFlag
0x08100000 ClearSoftwareClosedFlag
0x08110000 GetShellStatus
0x08120000 IsShutdownByBatteryEmpty
0x08130000 FormatSavedata
0x08140000 GetLegacyJumpProhibitedFlag
0x08150040 SetPlayHistoryRecordingMode
0x0816.... Abstraction for mcu::RTC::GetSystemClock
0x0817.... Abstraction for mcu::RTC::SetSystemClock
0x08180040 ConfigureNew3DSCPU

GetSystemTime PTM Service "ptm:gets"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x04010000 GetSystemTime

SetSystemTime PTM Service "ptm:sets"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010080 SetSystemTime

PTM System_SaveData[edit]

Main article: PTM Savegame

During system boot PTM attempts to open the PTM savedata, if this fails it will repeatedly keep trying to open the archive. When opening the archive is failing due to savedata corruption, PTM eventually (during system boot) deletes the savedata then creates it again.

Savedata contents:

  • "/Pedometer.dat"
  • "/PlayHistory.dat" Filesize is 0xD5DE8.