Process Manager Services

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Process Manager app service "pm:app"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010140 LaunchTitle
0x00020082 LaunchFIRM
0x00030080 TerminateApplication
0x00040100 TerminateTitle
0x000500C0 TerminateProcess
0x00060082 PrepareForReboot
0x00070042 GetFIRMLaunchParams
0x00080100 GetTitleExheaderFlags
0x00090042 SetFIRMLaunchParams
0x000A0140 SetAppResourceLimit
0x000B0140 GetAppResourceLimit
0x000C0080 UnregisterProcess
0x000D0240 LaunchTitleUpdate

Process Manager debug service "pm:dbg"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010140 LaunchAppDebug
0x00020140 LaunchApp
0x00030000 RunQueuedProcess

A maximum of three sessions can be open with both of these services combined, therefore only three processes can use either of these services at once.