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This is the system-version that ships with launch-day JPN [[New_3DS]] systems. The TMD HTTP Last-modified date for these titles is September 26, 2014. Note that some of the below might not be completely accurate, since it's actually not possible to tell via checking CDN whether a New3DS title was added with this launch system-version or [[9.0.0-20]](except when there's two versions of that title).
Most of the system titles which are not New3DS specific, are from [[8.1.0-18]]. When a New3DS version of a system-title module is available, only the New3DS title is installed, the Old3DS version is not installed(system-modules for example).
This launch system-version has title-versions specific to this launch system-version, for titles which aren't New3DS specific(and also titles from [[9.0.0-20]]): [[CVer]], 0004001B00018202, 0004001B00018102(same title-version as [[9.0.0-20]]), [[NS CFA]](same title-version as [[9.0.0-20]]).

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