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The above date stores the last time new Play Coin(s) were obtained. The contents of this file is updated by home-menu. [[PTM:GetTotalStepCount]] is not checked constantly, after home-menu boot this is only checked when waking from sleep-mode. Each time home-menu updates the contents of this file, home-menu will set the Play Coin total to 300 if it's higher than the 300 Play Coin limit.
[[Home Menu ]] loads this file / opens this archive during [[Home Menu|startup]]. When accessing this file fails, like when this the file/archive is corrupted(or at least on older system-versions) , the result is a brickdue to Home Menu using [[SVC|svcBreak]].
=== Tools ===
* [ extdata_tool] - Extract/verifies standalone extdata images and title extdata FS.

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