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The Old3DS+New3DS 9.8.0-25 system update was released on June 1, 2015 for all available regions.
No security flaws were fixed.
== Change-log ==
All of the following titles were updated for Old3DS+New3DS: [[Home Menu]], [[CVer]], [[NS]], and mint (eShop applet).
=== [[Home Menu ]] ===
The *only* changes here(besides exheader .text size) was that the codebin got updated: .text was previously 0x00204C6C, it's now 0x00204D44. 4 functions were updated:
* L_105f38: This is the function handling application auto-booting. Previously auto-booting of the gamecard via the [[SMDH|icon]] flag only happened when L_2317ec(L_2317ec address is for the current version) returned 0. Now, that function must return 0, or the gamecard [[Title_list|uniqueID]] from [[AMNet:GetTitleIDList|AM:GetTitleIDList]] must match 0xF802A.
** The previously hard-coded "if(u32 val <= u32 otherval+500)someval = 0;"(someval is the same one as above) was changed to "if(u32 otherval+<above r9 variable> >= val)someval = 0;"
** The loop ends(besides "break;") once someval==0.
=== [[NS]] ===
The only actual change in functionality was that the function initializing the NS internal titleID list was updated.
==See Also==

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