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This stuff isn't limited to IO, but is also e.g. used to map VRAM
| <code>0b11111111100x</code>
| Map IO address range| Bits 0-19: index of Describes a memory mapping like the first IO 0b111111111110 descriptor, but an entire range rather than a single page to map; Bit 20: Map read-only (otherwise read-write)is mapped. Another 0b11111111100x descriptor must follow this one to denote the (exclusive) end of the IO address range to map.
| <code>0b111111111110</code>
| Map single IO memory page| Bits 0-19: IO page index to map(virtual address >> 12; the physical address is determined by subtracting 0x0EB00000); Bit 20: Map read-only (otherwise read-write)


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