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The 6.0.0-11 system update was released on June 17, 2013, in USA. Elsewhere, the system-version is 6.0.0-12.


Official changelog:

  • "Users can now back up save data for downloadable versions of Nintendo 3DS software and most Virtual Console games"
  • "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience "

See SD Savedata Backups regarding the SD file-copy .sav backup feature.


System Settings and the SAFE_MODE System Updater application were updated. For each region except USA, the Nintendo 3DS Camera application, the StreetPass Mii Plaza application, and the Health and Safety Information application were updated.

The non-USA update for StreetPass Mii Plaza added support for DLC to this application.

System Titles[edit]

Home Menu and NS CFA were updated for SD Savedata Backups. NS was updated for handling the new ctr_backup_black_list file in NS CFA. The Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA was updated. SD Savedata Backups(for copying the .sav backups on SD etc) is implemented in either NS, or Home Menu / System Settings.

The following system modules were updated: AM, camera, cfg, DSP, GSP, MCU, PTM, CECD, NIM, PS, BOSS, and NWM(including the SAFE_MODE NWM).

FIRM and other titles[edit]

All FIRM titles(NATIVE_FIRM, AGB_FIRM, and TWL_FIRM) were updated, the DS whitelist was updated as well.

All of the ARM11 modules stored in NATIVE_FIRM were updated.

Process9 had the following changes:

  • Support for a new gamecard savegame keyY generation method was implemented, enabled via NCSD flags. Every gamecard which has a system-update >= 2.2.0-X(in the System Update CFA NCSD partition) uses the keyY generation method added with 2.2.0-X, therefore every game which would release with this 6.0.0-X system-update would use this new keyY generation method.
  • Code which is likely gamecard-related was added/changed as well.
  • Various other changes.
  • Some cmd-handler code checking the buf-headers' value now uses "& 0xFD" instead of "& 0xFF".
  • Process9 no longer uses the CTRSDK heap code.