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This update is included in the gamecard System Update CFA starting with "Super Mario 3D Land".


ErrDisp, Home Menu, and the Friends-list applet were updated.

System Modules[edit]

The following system modules were updated: codec, HID, PTM, cecd, dlp, http, NWM, friends, IR, BOSS, news, and NS.

FIRM and other titles[edit]

NATIVE_FIRM and the DS whitelist were updated.

This updated NATIVE_FIRM added support for a new NCSD flag for gamecard savegames. When this flag[7] is set, the new CTR method is used, and the hashed keyY method implemented since 2.0.0-2 is used. This updated NATIVE_FIRM also added EncryptDecryptAes support for keytype8.

The kernels updated with this NATIVE_FIRM now checks the CXI exheader "kernel release version" field, when that field is higher than the current kernel version the kernel will return an error.