System Update CFA

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This system update CFA contains the below files in the RomFS. This CFA is stored in the NCSD system-update partition(partition 7), the data from this CFA RomFS can also be transferred for Download Play when the client needs updated.


This uses the same format as the CVer cup_list, this system-update CFA cup_list contains the titleIDs for all of the titles stored in this RomFS.


This is the CIA for each system-update title, for retail gamecards these CIAs are generated from the titles available on CDN at the time the NCSD image was finalized. The latest version(at the time of CFA generation) of every system title from CDN is stored here, excluding titles with the title-versions for 1.0.0-0.


New3DS system-update partitions are located at partition6 in gamecards. The RomFS contains a "SNAKE" directory, the contents of that directory have the same structure as the Old3DS sysupdate CFA RomFS.