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* sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/<ID0>/<ID1>/dbs
ID0 is the first 0x10-bytes from a SHA256 [[nand/private/movable.sed|hash]]. The installation of [[SD Filesystem|SD Card]] titles was introduced in the [[2.0.0-2]] update and the SD dbs files are encryptedby [[SD Filesystem|the general SD filesystem encryption rule]]. These files are [[extdataDISA and DIFF|DIFF containers]] images. The NAND extdata images are cleartextThese DIFF files do not use external IVFC level 4, however some so all database data is duplicated in the container. In this page only the inner content of the images contain data encrypted with a console-unique keyslotcontainer is described.
These files are only created on SD (via [[Application_Manager_Services|AM]]) if they don't exist when the [[eShop]] application is starting up, during network init etc (prior to showing the "system update required" dialog).
! Stored in CTR-NAND
! Filename
! [[SavegamesDISA and DIFF#AES_MAC_headerCTR-9DB0|CTR-9DB0]] ID
! Description
The SD dbs images use the same [[nand/private/movable.sed|keyslot]] as the other SD/NAND savedata images for the AES-MAC. The NAND dbs images for the AES-MAC use a console-unique keyslot where the keyX and keyY for it are initialized by bootrom. The *.db [[extdata|Extdata]] images do not use a DATA partition, so there are two versions inner content of the database in the image, an active and old version (the active one is defined by the DIFF header). These database files consist container consists of a pre-header with size of 0x80 identifying the Database Type, followed by a BDRI container. The offsets in the BDRI header are usually relative to the offset to the start of the BDRI header (0x80 in the file)
== Pre Header ==
Removing ticket.db from a New-3DS with signature checks disabled will not result in an unbootable system, however all icons except Slot-1 will disappear from Home. Applets can however still be used. Recovery can be accomplished via [[Hardware|hardmod]] or [[arm9loaderhax]] plus a known good backup of the file (or the whole partition or disk); Gamecard exploits were not tested, and Browserhax did not work.
== Tools ==
[ extdata_tool] - parsing cleartext .db extdata images


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