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427 bytes added ,  16:48, 14 March 2018
Added some minor info about old MCU_FIRM versions
| 0x5A
| s
| ro/rw| ?Invalid, do not use! On newer MCU_FIRM versions this is unused, but on older MCU_FIRM versions this is a read-only counter.
| 0x5B
| 0x7F
| d(9-0x13)
| ro
| Various system state information.
this byte is reset to 0 before an svcBreak takes effect
On MCU_FIRM major version 1 the size of this is 9, reading past the 9th byte will yield AA instead of FF.
| 0x80
Non-shared (dynamic) register: it's a register whose contents separate from the shared register pool. Messing with these registers will not affect the shared register pool at all.
On old versions of MCU_FIRM none of the invalid registers are masked away by the read handler function, but are still read-only. Newer MCU_FIRM versions return the hardcoded value FF instead.
== Device 5 & 6 ==


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