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→‎Filesystem Header: Nintendo please
* For extdata, the maximum file/directory count are specified by the parameters of [[FS:CreateExtSaveData]]. The bucket count is likely calculated by the system.
* Directory & file entry tables are allocated in the data region as if they are two normal files (except for savegame <code>duplicate data = false</code> layout). However, only continuous allocation has been observed, so directly reading block_count * block_size bytes from data_region + starting_block_index * block_size should be safe.
* For title database (except for ticket), the range specified for data region seems overflow the file end by 0x80 bytes, which is exactly the size of the pre header. This makes it as if the data region offset should be relative to the pre header instead of the BDRI header. However, further investigation on the directory/file table allocated inside the data region shows that the data region offset is indeed relative to the BDRI header. It might be a bug in 3DS that the title database files miss 0x80-byte space at the end.
== Directory Entry Table ==


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