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Correct CMAC for cart save
| Gamecard
| [[#CTR-SAV0NOR0|CTR-SAV0NOR0]]| 0x19/ 0x33
| [[Savegames]]
The data being authenticated by the AES CMAC is a 0x20-byte SHA-256 hash of a data block. The data block has different content formats among CMAC types. All types of data block contain a copy or a hash of the header, which is the start of the the rest of the verification chain, so the AES CMAC effectively authenticates the whole save image. Each type of data block is explained below.
=== CTR-SAV0 NOR0 ===
This CMAC type is used for gamecard savegames. It is 0x28-byte long.
| 0x00
| 8
| Magic "CTR-SAV0NOR0"
| 0x8
| 0x00
| 8
| Magic "CTR-NOR0SAV0"
| 0x08


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