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v1.5.3 (sorry)
| type = pc utility
| author = [[User:Elisherer|elisherer]]
| download =
| source =
| version = 1.5.23
(3DSExplorer looks for the first file with the proper extension and reads the first 0x5000 bytes)
== Note about 'Super Trimming' CCI Files ==
* 3DSExplorer also removes the Update Partition's entry in the NCSD header, when performing a 'Super Trim' (removing the update partition). This breaks the NCSD signature, and will not work on 3DSs without NCSD signature checks patched.
== Upcoming features ==
== Change log ==
Revert supertrim form deleting the last partition record.
* Added Trim, Un-Trim and SuperTrim for CCI by 3DSGuy (aka ps3hen)


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