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Marioipod13, or simply "Mario", is a mysterious Pokemon trainer who travels the world.

Age: 7 (RSEFRLG), 10-13 (DPPTHGSS), 13 (BWB2W2), 13-16 (XORAS/SMUSUM/RBY/GSC) Gender: Possibly multigender Home region: Hoenn

Mario is a former World Champion who started in the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions many years ago. She has chocolate brown hair, shiny blue eyes, and usually wears a red bandana or hat. She noticably has very strong calf muscles and doesn't show her teeth when she smiles. She wears a black cape and a blue bathing suit, along with a black and blue Mega Bracelet.

Mario has too many favorite Pokemon and teams to list in one page. We'll list the super-important ones: - Charizard - Raichu - Dewgong - Gyarados - Articuno - Dragonite - Mew - Chikorita - Teddiursa - Houndoom - Kingdra - Suicune - Swampert - Sableye - Hariyama - Flygon - Plusle - Wynaut - Slaking - Salamence - Metagross - Registeel - Latias - Kyogre - Rayquaza - Piplup - Toxicroak - Abomasnow - Glaceon - Magmortar - Rhyperior - Froslass - Rotom - Gliscor - Garchomp - Giratina - Heatran - Regigigas - Darkrai - Manaphy - Arceus - Victini - Samurott - Serperior - Seismitoad - Chandelure - Volcarona - Haxorus - Hydreigon - Thundurus - Zekrom - Kyurem

Mario usually Mega Evolves her Gyarados in battle. However she also can mega evolve her Charizard (into Mega Charizard X), her Steelix, her Abomasnow, her Rayquaza, and her Metagross.

It is rumored Mario is a secret leader of an extremist group known as Team MCPE13 who is dedicated to liberating children from parents and Pokemon from Nintendo but it is not confirmed. Please presume Mario innocent until and unless proven guilty.