LCD Registers

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Other registers that used to be documented on this page are now at GPU Registers.


Parallax barrier enable 0x10202000 0x1ED02000 0xFFFD6000 0x4
Parallax barrier PWM 0x10202004 0x1ED02004 0xFFFD6004 0x4
LCD status 0x10202008 0x1ED02008 0xFFFD6008 0x4
LCD clock disable 0x1020200C 0x1ED0200C 0xFFFD600C 0x4
? 0x10202010 0x1ED02010 0xFFFD6010 0x4
LCD reset 0x10202014 0x1ED02014 0xFFFD6014 0x4
Top Screen LCD Configuration 0x10202200 0x1ED02200 0xFFFD6200 0x600
Bottom Screen LCD Configuration 0x10202A00 0x1ED02A00 0xFFFD6A00 0x600
? 0x10203200 0x1ED03200 0xFFFD7200 0x40

On screen-init (error screen), Boot11 sets 0x10202004 to 0xA390A39.

LCD Configuration[edit]

Offset Size Description
0x00 0x4 Flags
0x04 0x4 Fill Color
0x10 0x10 ABL Area
0x20 0x4 GTH Ratio
0x24 0x4 Min GTH
0x28 0x4 MinMax
0x2C 0x4 ExMax
0x30 0x4 Inertia
0x38 0x4 MinRS
0x3C 0x4 MaxRS
0x40 0x4 Backlight Level
0x44 0x4 Backlight Interval
0x60 0x20 Dither
0x80 0x24 LutListRS
0xF0 0x0C ?
0x100 0x100 LCD calibration data, pulled from nand:/ro/sys/HWCAL0.dat offset 0x77C.

N3DS only. This area on old3DS is zero-filled and not writable.

0x200 0x400 ?


Bit Description
0 ABL on
8 ?
9 ?

Bits 8 and 9 control dither.

Fill Color[edit]

Bit Description
7-0 Red component intensity
15-8 Green component intensity
23-16 Blue component intensity
24 Enable

When the enable bit is set, the specified solid color is displayed on the LCD instead of the framebuffer.

ABL Area[edit]

Offset Description
0x00 X begin
0x04 X end
0x08 Y begin
0x0C Y end

The values refer to 90° clockwise rotated screens.

Backlight Level[edit]

Bit Description
9-0 Backlight PWM duty on (0 = off)

Backlight Interval[edit]

Bit Description
9-0 Backlight PWM Interval, minus 1
16 Enable LCD (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled).
17 RS on (?)
18 ?

On old 2DS, disabling the top LCD does nothing, disabling the bottom LCD affects both screens. Setting bit 18 makes the screen darker.