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| 0x30
- 0x370x36
| ds
| rw
byte 5: months
byte 6: years
|-| 0x37| s| rw| RTC time byte 7: leap year counter / "watch error correction" register (unusedin code)
| 0x38
| 0x60
| ds(1)| rofirst byte is worw
| Looping queue register
Writing to first byte resets the queue position to the nth element
| rw
| Writing to this register pushes values on top of register 0x60's stack. Reading from this register doesn't advance the stack.
The first byte is used to store flags for managing FIRM/NS state - bit0 = "WirelessDisabled", bit1 = "SoftwareClosed", bit2 = "PowerOffInitiated", bit4 = "LegacyJumpProhibited". This register survives a power-off, but does not seem to be saved to non-volatile storage (does not survive it resides in RAM, so its contents get lost on battery pulls). This register doesn't seem to actually control MCU behaviour by itself, it just seems to be used for storing arbitrary data.
| 0x62 - 0x7E


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