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→‎Tools: Bump my tools to the top. Sorry for self-promotion, but it is better than the old one in anyway now.
== Tools ==
* [ save3ds] supports reading and modifying savegames, extdata and title database in FUSE filesystem or batch extracting/importing.* [ 3dsfuse] supports reading and modifying savegames. In the mounted FUSE filesystem, the /output.sav is the raw FLASH save-image. When the save was modified, a separate tool to update the CMAC must be used with /clean.sav, prior to writing output.sav to a gamecard.(This is an old tool that doesn't handle the savegame format correctly. --[[User:Wwylele|Wwylele]] ([[User talk:Wwylele|talk]]) 16:13, 2 December 2019 (CET))
* [[3DSExplorer]] supports reading of savegames, it doesn't support reading the new encrypted savegames and maybe in the future it will support modifying (some of the modyfing code is already implemented).
* [ wwylele's 3ds-save-tool] supports extracting files from savegames and extdata. It properly reconstructs data from the DPFS tree and extracts files in directories hierarchy.
* [ save3ds] similar to 3dsfuse, but supports savegame inner FS, proper DPFS handling, and automatic CMAC update. Mainly supports SD/NAND save/extdata. Cart save WIP


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